South Africa's leading men's swimwear, and beach essentials brand. 

Conceptualised on Clifton 4th Beach in 2014, Granadilla is a swimwear, beach accessory and summer-loving brand that embodies the energetic spirit of summer in Cape Town.

Initially, focusing on premium swim shorts made locally in South Africa, we have expanded to bikinis, kiddies shorts and other quintessential beach products. All feautering a locally inspired design, while staying on the forefront of fashion, culture and most importantly - a summer attitude .

Made by South Africans, in South Africa, for the world. 

Picture this…

You're lying on a beach, perfectly cushioned on your soft towel. The sand has moulded to fit your body, just right. The sun is toasting your skin with the perfect recipe of a great SPF 20 and a layer of freshly dried salt water. 

Your eyes are shut, but you're still very much aware of your surroundings on this pearler of a beach day. 

Amongst the endlesschatter of the other beach bodies, and the consistent crash of the waves, there is the distinct ping-pong of two mates playing bats!

And then it happens.

You hear a call that's been calling since the start of beach culture in Cape Town. It's so familiar and so friendly and so enjoyable that you will most definitely have it stuck in your head for the rest of you day, and won't even a little bit mad about it.

It's the anthem of summer in Cape Town and as it gets closer - your glow gets brighter, your smile gets bigger and the feeling of pure bliss fills your body. 


It happened. You've made it to another perfect Cape Town summer.


Granadilla shorts are proudly manufactured in Cape Town. The factory we use holds its self to the highest standard of ethics, with staff well-being at its core. The factory pay staff fair wages for their work, and abides by government enforced safe & hygienic working conditions. The have a 'Fair Factory' clearence. They have been awarded the highest SADEX accreditation.